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Mailing Bags

Available in a diversety of styles, shapes and sizes mailing bags can be made from mnay different materials that include paper, plastic, vinyl and canvas. Mail order bags are designed to meet the many different types of products that need mailed, having many functions that also go above and beyond just mailing your package. These additional functions range from protection of the product from weather or punctures to getting out a sales and promotional message. Plastic, or polythene mailing bags are a very popular choice now adays in the business as well as a common mailing bag choice for personal mailing needs. This is due to the wide variety of choices on the market today in the types of available polythene mailing bags with a wide range of sizes and colours. Their additional features also appeal to many different customers for a wide range of uses, both business and personal.

Bespoke printed polythene mailing bags

Mailing bags can also be pre-printed to your meet your requirements. Want you yo have your return address or a personalized message printed on your polythene bags. It can also be a not expensive, great way of marketing as you can add a company logo or slogan and promotional messages that will be highly visible as you package travels to its destination. These custom-printed polythene mailing bags can be printed in large quantities on just about any type of plastic mail order bag you may need. Plastic mailing bags can also be made to look highly professional and very attractive to your customer base, no matter what type of polythene mailer you use. Sometimes businesses also use custom printed plastic mail bags as business and corporate gifts to employees or other businesses as the message can be personalized in any fashion needed for any occasion.

How they are made

Mailing bags are made of high quality film, designed to be lightweight but strong. They are very resistant and they also offer excellent opacity so that you keep your product safe, secure and dry through the harshest of delivery systems.

Benefits of Mailing bags

  1. Mailing bags are useful for fragile items
  2. Mailing bags look professional
  3. Mailing bags protect your product
  4. Mailing bags are attractive - can be custom printed in large quantities
  5. Mailing bags are available in many sizes types, styles, and with different types of cushioning
  6. Mailing bags are customer friendly
  7. Mailing bags are reusable

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Blue mailing bags and Pink mailing bags

Although mailing bags come in a range of exciting designs, metallic styles and vibrant colours, the most popular courier bags are actually blue mailing bags and pink mailing bags